Anna loves fresh starts disguised as new challenges. That’s why she took up writing by storm, as pretty much everything else she’d done. As she takes snippets of inspiration from reality, her brain tricks her into building stories upon them.

Born in the early eighties on the wrong side of the Iron Curtain, she gathered deep cultural influences from both worlds. Currently living in the capital city once known as The Little Paris with her hot-ass, smart-pants husband and their big mouthed, otherwise lovely daughter, Anna juggles between working as a consultant, being an everyday superhero and writing romance accompanied by the balmy snores of her two dogs.

With a pinch of sass, a spoonful of heat and a dash of humor, her contemporary romances serve up the happy endings her characters deserve. 

She loves to hear from readers. If you want to know her better, click the buttons below to follow on the social platforms or drop a line via e-mail.